Mindfulness Programs 

Divine Meditation provides customized, cutting edge mindfulness-based programs in the workplace. Our mission is to help your organization enhance performance, engagement and overall wellbeing.


1 million employees are absent from work due to stress related illnesses per year and workplace stress costs businesses about $300 billion per year. Take care of your employees they are your greatest asset.


We will work closely with your organization to create a custom-tailored program that fits your organization's culture, goals and needs. Our team consists of 20 researchers and facilitators who are experts in their field.

Scientific Benefits

Mindfulness can help bring positive change and nourish your mind, body and soul. Many studies have been conducted and the following benefits have been documented:

Reduces: Stress * Anxiety  * Depression * Absenteeism * Turnover * Blood Pressure * Risk of Heart Attack & Stroke * Insomnia  Health Care Costs

Boosts: Engagement * Performance * Focus * Inner Peace * Positive Emotions  * Emotional Intelligence * Creativity * Bottom Line Awareness of the Present * Self-love * Quality of Life